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Current Holders - Arnold

Round 2 - 10/12/21

(A) Brooklands v Chalk Hills
(B) Linslade v Queen Elizabeth

Round 3 - 12/02/22
Castle Newman v Winner of A
Queensbury v Robert Bloomfield
Winner of B v Manshead
Sandy v Sharnbrook
Semi Final - 18/03/22

Current Holders - Samuel Whitbread

Round 2 - 10/12/21
(A) Lealands v Castle Newman

Round 3 - 12/02/22
Linslade v Winner of A
Manshead v Samuel Whitbread
Queensbury v Chalk Hills
Vandyke v Redborne

Semi Final
- 18/03/22


Round 2 - 23/10/21
(A) Samuel Whitbread 2 v 2 Cedars* (*1-2 pens)
(B) Castle Newman v Castle Newnham
(C) Queensbury v Harlington
(D) Redborne v Manshead

Round 3 - 10/12/21
Stratton v St Thomas More
Cedars v Winner of B
Winner of C v Sandy
Winner of D v Vandyke
Semi Final - 12/02/22


Current Holders - Robert Bloomfield

Round 2

Round 3

Semi Final


Current Holders - Etonbury

Round 1 - 23/10/21
(A) Stopsley v All Saints
(B) Lealands v Brooklands
(C) Mark Rutherford 6 v 1 Kempston CA

Round 2 - 10/12/21
Sharnbrook v St Thomas More
Stopsley v Linslade
Winner of B v Queensbury
Robert Bloomfield v Queen Elizabeth
Icknield v Woodlands
Castle Newman v Priory
Mark Rutherford v Chalk Hills
Sandy v Manshead
Round 3 - 12/02/22
Semi Final - 03/03/22


Current Holders - Linslade

Round 1 - 23/10/21
(A) Manshead v Chalk Hills
(B) All Saints v Icknield
(C) Sharnbrook v Sandy
(D) Priory v Robert Bloomfield

Round 2 - 10/12/21
Arnold v Mark Rutherford
Winner of A v Queen Elizabeth
Icknield v Winner of C
Winner of D v Castle Newman
Woodlands v Lealands
Linslade v Stopsley
Queensbury v Kempston CA
St Thomas More v Brooklands
Round 3 - 12/02/22
Semi Final - 18/03/22

Current Holders - Redborne

Round 1 - 23/10/21
(A) Stratton 0 v 7 Redborne
(B) Sandy v Wootton
(C) Castle Newman v Samuel Whitbread
(D) Cedars v Kempston CA
(E) Stopsley v Harlington
(F) Chalk Hills v All Saints

Round 2 - 10/12/21
Queen Elizabeth v Redborne
Manshead v Sharnbrook
Winner of B v St Thomas More
Priory v Lealands
Winner of C v Vandyke
Winner of D v Icknield
Mark Rutherford v Winner of E
Chalk Hills v Queensbury
Round 3 - 12/02/22
Redborne v Samuel Whitbread
Stratton v Vandyke
Ashcroft v Lincroft
Cardinal Newman/Sandy v Shranbrook/Queensbury
Semi Final - 18/03/22


Current Holders - Vandyke

Round 1 - 23/10/21
(A) Queen Elizabeth v Cedars
(B) Icknield v Vandyke
(C) Mark Rutherford 1 v 3 Stratton
(D) Lealands v All Saints
(E) Priory v Stopsley

Round 2 - 10/12/21
Samuel Whitbread v Winner of A
Wootton v Harlington
Winner of B v Chalk Hills
Castle Newman v Redborne
Stratton v Queensbury
Manshead v Lealands
St Thomas More v Sharnbrook
Sandy v Winner of E
Round 3 - 12/02/22
Redborne v Cedars
Lea Manor v Stopsley/Sharnbrook
Wootton 3 v 1 Stratton
Vandyke 4 v 1 Lealands
Semi Final - 18/03/22

Current Holders - Icknield

Round 1 - 23/10/21
(A) Samuel Whitbread v Castle Newman
(B) Chalk Hills v Priory
(C) Stratton v Vandyke

Round 2 - 10/12/21
Cedars v Harlington
St Thomas More v Manshead
Winner of A v Lealands
Winner of B v Queensbury
Queen Elizabeth v Sandy
Winner of C v Stopsley
Mark Rutherford v Wootton
Redborne v Sharnbrook
Round 3 - 12/02/22

Semi Final - 18/03/22

Current Holders - Cedars

Group 1
1. Cedars
2. Harlington
3. Sandy
Group 2
1. Manshead
2. Redborne
3. Mark Rutherford

Group 3
1. Stratton
2. Vandyke
3. Wootton

Group 4
1. Samuel Whitbread
2. Kempston CA
3. St Thomas More
4. Sharnbrook

Round 1
Groups 1-3: 1v3, 3v2, 2v1
Group 4: 1v2, 3v4, 2v3, 4v1, 3v1, 4v2

Round 2

Semi Final


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