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Providing a voice for young people in football

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Youth Council

The Bedfordshire FA Youth Council is made up of a group of Young Leaders (16-25 years old) from all areas of the county who are a voice for young people involved in football locally.


We as a Youth Council aspire to inspire; this means anyone who wants to get involved in football is supported to make sure they can fulfill their ambition.

The Youth Council's philosophy includes helping any young person who wants to get involved in football whether this is as a coach, referee or volunteer. The Youth Council can link young people to a local club. Members are happy to support and mentor through a variety of methods including verbal chat, questionnaire or email. 

The Youth Council supports everyone's ambition no matter how big or small; Follow your vision!

The Football Futures programme is a platform which allows young people to learn and increase their knowledge of the game in various areas. The programme will challenge and support young leaders to help them develop themselves to lead groups.

Opportunities to develop include:

Get In Touch

Marc DI Carlo
01582 565111
(9am - 5pm Monday - Friday)

Young Leaders

Event Support

The Youth Council members can support football events across the county. This can include:

  • Tournaments
  • Trophy Events
  • Festivals
  • Coach Development
  • Referee Development

Youth Council Members

Chair: Amrit Singh Bains

Vice Chair: Emily Fearn

Communication Activator: Sophie Rinaldi | Max Whelan | Harry Jones | Amy Dewar

Participation Activator: Josh Newman

Events Project Activator: Jack Bartram | Sam Dennis | Naomi Bedeau

Referee Activator: Brandon Goldsmith | James Wear

Coaching Activator: Oliver Gray

Social Media Activator: Aurora Ryan | Brandon Goldsmith

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