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We offer the a variety of course options to suit the aims of all individuals. Traditionally the route most will take is the Basic Referees’ Course in order to qualify for 11v11 and 9v9 football. However, alternatives are available for those looking for a qualification towards GCSE’s, Duke of Edinburgh Awards or for different formats of the game.


Basic Referees' Course

Qualification for- 11v11/9v9, Youth & Adult football in both the female and male game.

Programme - Consists of 5 modules:
1) Introduction
2) Practical & Theoretical Training
3) Examination
4) Refereeing
5) Development Training

Cost - The Basic Referees’ Course is £145 (not including kit) and provides candidates with all the resources they need in order to take the course, basic items of equipment to referee upon completion, first year of registration and also covers the cost of any necessary pre-requisites.

Age - Candidates must be at least 14 years old.

Duration - 16 guided learning hours 6 matches. The majority of courses will run over two and a half days. Ordinarily Friday evening, full Saturday and a full Sunday.

Exam - On the final day of training, candidates will be required to sit an exam on the Laws of the Game. This comprises of a DVD exam and a multiple choice paper.

After Training - In order to become a fully qualified referee, candidates will need to referee 6 matches and then attend a call-back session to review these games. Only upon completion of these steps will the candidate become a qualified referee.

Other Courses:

- Mini Soccer Referees' Course
- Futsal Referees' Course

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Referee Development Officer
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