Promotion Structure

These are our trainee referees. Once the initial training is complete you begin your career as an FA match official the focus is on completing the first 6 matches and submitting these on a record of achievement to Bedfordshire FA. This, in addition to attendance at the final module of the course, will mean you gain your first promotion and become a fully qualified referee.
Once you complete and return your six-game form, you will receive promotion to either level 7 or 8 depending on your age. Those aged under 16 will qualify as Youth Referees (Level 8) while those aged 16 and above become Junior Referees (Level 7).
Promotion to levels 6 and 5 requires you to meet a Number of Criteria (see FAQs section) over the course of a season. For those who wish to climb the promotion ladder, this will be the first time that you get assessed and if you meet the required standard across the season and achieve all the necessary criteria, you will be promoted to County Referee (Level 6) and then on to Senior County Referee (Level 5).
Level 4 match officials are those who are selected by The FA to officiate as a referee on a Supply League e.g. Spartan South Midlands League. In addition Level 4 officials will serve as assistant referees on the Contributory Leagues e.g. Southern League.
Referees selected to officiate as a referee on the national list of Contributory Leagues e.g. Southern League, Isthmian League. In addition, Level 3 officials will serve as assistant referees on either the Panel Leagues (Conference North/South, Conference National), the Football League or even the Premier League. Promotions and retention at this level will be made based upon technical assessments received from assessors and club reports.
These are referees selected by The FA to serve on the Panel List e.g. Conference National (Level 2A), Conference North/South, Premier League Reserves (Level 2B). In addition, Level 2A referees will serve as assistant referees on either the Football League or Premier League.
Referees selected by The FA to serve on the National List (Premier League and Football League). From here, a selection of Level 1 officials will be chosen to represent England on the FIFA list. 
To be considered for promotion you need to be aged 16 or over and refereeing open age football. The first promotion is from level 7 to level 6 and if you wish to become a level 6 referee you must first complete a minimum of 20 matches as a level 7 referee before being eligible for promotion.
All eligible level 5-7 referees will be sent an email from Referee Liaison Officer, Mike Desborough, at the start of the calendar year with details of the promotion process for the following season. To make your application, all you have to do is reply to this email in writing.
The promotion season commences on 1 March and ends on the 28 February the following year. As such anyone wishing to apply for promotion must do so before the 1st March each year.

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