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The Bedfordshire FA Ability Counts League, sponsored by The Rotary Club of Dunstable & The Rotary Club of Luton, have provided wonderful opportunities for people with disabilities to play in football competitions for well over ten years.

There are more opportunities to be a part of the magic than ever!

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The most significant aim of the leagues is enjoyment! In 2017, our FDO Josh Spavins introduced significant changes to the league in the form of 'Ability Counts Points' as well as new division names that now represent player ability rather than a tiered structure. Another shift in focus was emphasis on social development; we want to ensure players get as much life experiences as possible. Players and managers will be encouraged to contribute to the spirit of the leagues throughout.

Ability Counts Points
Players can earn point or their own teams, depsite being mixed up with other players, by demonstrating the below:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Good Humour

  • Role Model

  • Leadership

  • Clear Development of Players

  • Improvements in Confidence

  • Positive Environments

  • Players Enjoying Themselves


'Ability Counts Points' will help determine who is rewarded with trophies at the end of the season. Therefore off the field is now as important as those participating on the field of play. The league organiser scores each team out of 10. All points contribute to the league table which is kept secret until the finale day where the champions are crowned and teams can see where points were earned and what for.


Bedfordshire FA offers several options so that players of all abilities can participate in football.

Once a month, SSG invite all local youth SEN teams to come together for a league day of fun football. The format is very much modeled on the Ability Counts Academy league, so social development is just as important as football games.

DATES 09:30 to 11:30
SUN 10 NOV 19
SUN 15 DEC 19
SUN 26 JAN 20
SUN 23 FEB 20
SUN 22 MAR 20
SUN 26 APR 20
SUN 24 MAY 20

Chris Watson | 01234 340782 |

Alexander Sports Centre, Sidney Road, Bedford, MK40 2BQ

This league is made up of local SEN schools. The players participant in this league age between 12-17 years old. The abilities of the players vary considerably which is why the Ability Counts Points system is so important.

Schools are encouraged mix together and help create equal teams that will enhance the social development of players/teams. Teams will be rewarded for their hospitality whilst players could earn points for their own teams by supporting the opposition.
In this league games are 10 minutes in length. Teams are made up of less able players with more severe special needs. Often this league is the least competitive and fun spirited.
In this league games are 10 minutes in length. Teams are made up of players with mild special needs and/or mild physical impairments. This league is a bridge between the Super League and the Premiership allowing players to develop both socially and physically at their own rates.

In this league games are 10 minutes in length. Players are generally more physical and confident and therefore games are played at a quicker pace and intensity in comparison to the Super League and Championship. With this in mind anyone can participate (16 years +) including players looking for options to get back into football and trying to keep active whilst looking for employment. 

Every Friday there is a LTFC Community Trust Street League at Beds FA. Players and teams participating in this feed into the league once a month. The Prem is far more competitive but played in just as good spirit. The league table is viewable and published on Full-Time:

FRI 25 OCT 19
FRI 22 NOV 19
FRI 20 DEC 19
FRI 24 JAN 20
FRI 21 FEB 20
FRI 20 MAR 20
FRI 17 APR 20

Vicky Wilson | 01582 561622 |

Beds FA AGP, Skimpot Road, Dunstable, LU5 4JU

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There are disability football sessions delivered across Bedfordshire. These sessions are organised by the:

  • County FA
  • Grassroots Clubs
  • Community Trusts
  • Local Coaches
  • Local Authorities 

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