8,000 ways your club can fundraise

Imagine if your club had 8,000 free ways to fundraise

Well, it doesn’t need to. Your club can create a low-effort and sustainable way to fundraise through online shopping. 

Register your club with online fundraising platform, easyfundraising to receive free funding when your community shops online with over 8,000 retailers. 

How easyfundraising works

Coach Mike is buying a lawn mower from Argos. Instead of visiting Argos’ website, if he went to easyfundraising’s website or app first, then went to Argos from there, his club would receive a percentage of how much he spends for free.

It’s as simple as that. And it’s not just Argos. It’s 8,000 online retailers spanning supermarkets, insurance providers, travel companies, and any other type of retailer you can think of.

8,000 ways to fund pitch fees, kit, equipment, and keep membership costs down is within touching distance. Just register your club with easyfundraising today to get started:

Once registered, take advantage of the free fundraising call and online marketing materials to get you off to the best possible start.