Press play on summer fundraising

Your fundraising doesn't need to be on pause over the summer.

Over 8,000 online retailers like Argos, B&Q, Tesco, John Lewis, Amazon, Trainline, Booking.com, Boots, Ticketmaster, Go Ape, and thousands more want to give your club free cashback when your community shops with them.

And retailers’ businesses use like Viking, Staples, Microsoft, BT Broadband, Hotels.com, and more.

Two easy ways to earn cashback over the summer:
1. From your players, coaches, and volunteers summer plans with family and friends – BBQs, adventures to the beach, visits to top attractions, and more. 
2. A local business buying office supplies, hotel rooms, and tech. A great way to earn while your community is on holiday.  

To supercharge your fundraising over the summer, sign your club up to easyfundraising. Once registered, take advantage of the free fundraising call. You'll receive expert advice on approaching a local business.

There are also free downloadable marketing materials you can share on your social media channels and WhatsApp groups. 

The summer will pass by in a blink of an eye. Make the most of it and create a free, low-maintenance, and sustainable income stream from online spending. 

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