Maulden Walking FC upskill members through CPR/AED training

Support training was delivered following the club being successful in the defibrillator competition run by the National Walking Football Alliance

Maulden Walking Football Club were one of six lucky winners of a defibrillator in a competition run by the National Walking Football Alliance. In addition to this competition the club invested further in an adult CPR/AED training manikin alongside a CPR monitor to support the delivery of training for members.

The survival rate for out of hospital cardiac arrests in the UK is only about 8% but with widespread knowledge of CPR in the community and early access to defibrillators this survival rate can be much higher.

Last Friday the club organised CPR and AED training for its members. The club thank both Ceri Barnes ad Simon Barnes of who delivered the training session.

The session covered what to do in a cardiac arrest situation and how to use a defibrillator.

Martin Wright, Chair of Maulden Walking Football Club stated:

'These skills will help to improve outcomes should the situation arise, both at our walking football sessions but in other contexts too. It is great to know that our members are willing to give up their valuable free time to potentially help others at their most critical time of need.'

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