Inclusion & Engagement of GK CPD Event

The County FA hosted the final Coach CPD event of the season, 'Inclusion & Engagement of GK'

The Inclusion & Engagement of GK CPD event was delivered by the FA Regional Coach Developer and UEFA A license coach Andy Poole.

There was a great attendance with 31 coaches accessing the opportunity to learn, discuss and observe the technical development of goalkeepers, their inclusion from a specific GK session into a team and how to engage the GK in game situations. Delivery also covered the implementation of conditions that effect the players and involve the GK actively within the game both in possession and out of possession.

This was the final CPD event of the 2023/24 season. This season there have been 10 coach development events delivered between September and April, with 258 coaches attending in total.

The programme has been successful in engaging coaches and the County FA feels these events are vital to support coaches with their knowledge, confidence and their ability to impact the learning environment of their players in their clubs.

We will be planning the CPD menu for the 2024/25 season in the next month and we will release the dates and topics over the summer to all coaches and volunteers in Bedfordshire.

We look forward to welcoming and seeing you again in the near future for further learning and development opportunities.