Unexpected ways to raise funding for your club

Utilise Easy Fundraising to receive funding through a variety of methods

The unexpected ways your club can receive free funding! Just one person could earn your club £120 doing their weekly food shop for a year, £45 by switching their household bill providers, £18 by buying annual insurances like home, car, or pet, and £60 on average when booking a holiday.

How do you ask?

By doing their online shopping through easyfundraising. The online platform partners with over 8,000 online retailers, so your club can receive free funding from online shopping.

But, for your club to benefit, it needs to sign up to easyfundraising. Two minutes of your time can provide a continual income stream your club can use to help fund running costs, new equipment, pitch fees, and more.

Get started today: www.easyfundraising.org.uk/bedfordshire-fa