Club in the Spotlight

An insight into how Mid Beds Futsal have developed and their vision for the future

The first Club in the Spotlight is Mid Beds Futsal, please see below for an insight into club's development and their aspirations for the future. 

Name: Mid Beds Futsal
Key Stakeholder Name: Luke Tillett

Mid Beds Futsal (MBF) was born out of a recognition that Futsal is an amazing outlet for players to develop their creativity and confidence on the ball. Futsal is credited as a hugely important part in the development of numerous top professionals, and we wanted to offer the opportunity to play Futsal to our local community for all standards of player.
We have gone from strength to strength and we currently have over 100 children training with us each week.

MBF were delighted to be named the Bedfordshire FAs project of the year 2022, a fantastic achievement for a fledgling club. Our youth training success has culminated in MBF hosting a regional Futsal League where 8 teams competed, and the winner qualified for the national FA Pokemon Futsal competition.

With the success of our youth training, we also thought that Adults could benefit from playing Futsal. We have been running adult male and female sessions for over a year now. The profits from these sessions have gone straight back into the community through donations to a number of local authority youth projects.

MBF coaches strive to a fun and creative learning environment that players can thrive in, enhancing development and confidence. We are proud of our club and the work we do in the community. If you would like to get involved as a player or coach please email midbedsfutsal@gmail.com or visit www.midbedsfutsal.co.uk


Name: Tim West
Role: Coach
Club: Mid Beds Futsal
Time at Club: 3 Years

Why do you coach at this club/what makes this club great?
I coach to provide young players the opportunity to develop not only technically but socially, confidence and creativity. My role is to guide young players through there journey and provide the tools to help develop.

The environment the club sets is the main success to MBF. All the coaches and staff work closely to understand players needs and requirements to develop all young players coming through MBF.

What does your future in the game look like?
The future game for MBF is to continue to provide the best coaching available In the community whether it being Advance Sessions, Futsal or Holiday camps. 
With Ben Stevens joining the team on a full-time basis he brings experience from his days with Luton Town U21.  Ben stated his journey at Luton from U8’s and during that time completed his FA level 2. His enthusiasm in the game is exciting to see and the kids love it.

Most memorable moment at the club?
It goes without saying being awarded the ‘GRASSROOTS PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2022’ was a huge achievement to the MBF team and we couldn’t have achieved it without all the amazing support from all our team.


Name: Leanne Needham
Role: Club Volunteer
Club: Mid Beds Futsal
Time at Club: 12 months

Why do you volunteer your time at this club/what makes this club great?
I have been involved with Mid Beds Futsal for just over a year and it’s been great to see the club develop over time. Tim and Luke (and now Ben) have a real community spirit and everything that they offer is focused on how it can benefit the participants, both children and adults, and their development. I really enjoy being part of something that offers opportunities to progress whilst also having fun. The links with the local community are strong within the club and it is rewarding to work

What does your future in the club look like? Future Projects?
I hope to continue to support Mid Beds Futsal as they grow and branch out into other areas, such as working in local schools. I feel it is important to let children and adults be creative and develop to the best of their potential and I can see that making links with schools will really help that to come to fruition for the club.
Most memorable moment at the club?
Being made to feel an integral part of the team has been my most memorable moment with MBF. I feel valued and appreciated and it’s been good for me to gain confidence in myself by helping Mid Beds Futsal out over the past year.

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