Silent Support Weekend is Back

Actions speak louder than words. Play your part on 25th and 26th February 2023

Silent Support Weekend Returns on 25th and 26th February 2023

Having been successfully piloted across Junior Grassroots Leagues across England last year, the Silent Support Weekend will return in February 2023, giving another opportunity for the players to let their football do the talking.

The first national pilot gave youth players to explore, find their voice and take control of the game. The goal is to continue to find out how to make the game better for them so they can improve as players and a team.

Across the country The FA received feedback from over 3,000 people who participated in the first pilot in November 2022 and this has been taken on board to tailor this second Silent Support Weekend.

This time we're asking parents and supporters to show their backing from the side-lines through applause only, while allowing coaches to still give input throughout the course of the game. This allows the players to step up but feel they can get support from their coach if they need to.

Overall, the benefits on player development are clear, helping them to talk more and better support their teammates. Less outside influence gave them more independence and the chance to practice key skills without instruction.

It also allows the players to identify areas for development and explore new tactics on the pitch, which all supports their own development of critical thinking and enhance their playing journey.

Following the first Silent Support Weekend with clubs and leagues across England, below are some of the reactions from the young players:

“It was good as we got to make the decisions not our coach, not our parents, just the team” - U12s player

“I think as a team we don’t really talk enough. We got a bit better in the second half but it’s something I think we need to work on” - U15s player

“I play better when nobody shouts at me” - U9s player

“It can get confusing when lots of people are telling you what to do” - U14s player

Sign up your League to be part of it

By signing up to February’s Silent Support Weekend, we can gather your feedback, via a survey, to help refine and learn to make our youth football the best place to play the beautiful game.

League Officials can sign up by following the link below and completing the form.


Even if your league isn’t signed up to take part, individual clubs, teams and venues can still choose to take part themselves and see what difference it makes to young players enjoyment of their games. Just be sure to let your opposition know so they can join in too!