Equal Game Ambassador

We are delighted to confirm we have recently appointed an Equal Game Ambassador to support the Women's & Girls' game in Bedfordshire

We are delighted to confirm we have appointed Rachel Spendelow as the Equal Game Ambassador (Women's & Girls) for Bedfordshire. This role will support clubs in creating a bespoke female football game plan. 

The plan will be developed to outline new club-based opportunities for:

  • Female players which may include new playing provisions,
  • Coaching development/opportunities,
  • Volunteering roles/opportunities and
  • Creating safe/appropriate environments for females
One of The FA’s ‘game-changer’ objectives from the 2020-24 Grassroots Football Strategy is to ensure that girls have equal access to football, in both schools and clubs. The 2022/23 season will see the recruitment of a team of Equal Game Ambassadors to provide England Football Accredited football clubs with off-field support in creating, maintaining and developing their female offer to ensure there are inclusive, safe and accessible opportunities available for all girls.

This role is aligned to the introduction of the new ‘Equal Game’ training programme which is designed to upskill club volunteers to be motivated, knowledgeable, confident and capable to develop more club-based opportunities for women and girls to play, coach, volunteer and / or spectate.

If you are interested in finding out more about this training and want to register your interest to create new or more female football at your club, you can find the new toolkit, resources and expression of interest form here:

The key objective of the ambassador role is to support grassroots football clubs to apply their learnings from the Equal Game Training and build their own Equal Game Action Plan, creating more accessible opportunities for women and girls.

The key principles of support are as follows:

  • BESPOKE – Support to match the needs and wants of each individual club
  • CONNECTED – The recognition that the most sustainable activity is one that is connected throughout the club
  • PERSONAL – Built on relationships and trust
  • CREATIVE – Curious in finding new and appropriate ways of empowering, engaging, and inspiring clubs to develop their female opportunities and pathways

For information about the Equal Game Training Programme & Toolkit or to express your interest to gain future support for your club please contact: