Council Member in the Spotlight

Alan Moorhouse gave an insight into his football experiences

This is the first Council Member Spotlight feature, please see the below which is a insight of Alan Moorhouse's involvement within the game. 

Name: Alan Moorhouse

What roles have you held within football, both past and present?
I was the founder and player of Nalgo Sports FC in the Leighton League (1975-1984) and have been carrying out a variety of roles within football currently for several years. Some of these include:

- Committee member/vice president of the Leighton & District Sunday League (2012-present)
- St. Albans City Youth FC trustee/vice president (2012-present)
- Active grassroots referee (1984-present)
- Bedfordshire FA council member (2013-present)

What is your earliest footballing memory?
My earliest memory of football is watching two FA Cup finals on a black-and-white TV. The clashes were between Blackburn and Wolves in 1960 along with Spurs and Burnley in 1962.

The first live game I attended was a 0-0 draw between Altrincham and Winsford United in the Cheshire League in 1961.

My earliest playing memory was being involved in a 4-1 victory in a friendly game for Woodheys Drivers. The conditions were so muddy that my all-white kit ended up all brown!

What club do you support?
Altrincham, Manchester United and Luton Town.

How long have you been involved in football?
I have been involved in football since the 1960’s.

What is your favourite footballing memory?
I have had many memorable moments but one of my favourite footballing memories was being asked to steward at the 1986 FA Cup final between Liverpool and Everton. This included a free sandwich lunch, which I ate in the royal box!

Do you have a fun fact about yourself?
I am the former Bedfordshire over 50's County swimming champion.

What is your professional background?
My professional background is in chartered town planning, where I was based in Bedfordshire and St. Albans. I was the development control manager and also had a brief spell as director.

What is your favourite thing about football?
My favourite thing about football is how exciting and entertaining the sport is all over the world and how the sport brings people together, regardless of race, religion or gender.

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