Africa Kit Donation

Referee kit has been donated to a learning centre in Zambia

People from the small town of Kpiri Mposhi in northern Zambia are now the proud owners of referee shirts, courtesy of the Bedfordshire FA and Kit Aid.

The kits were donated to a learning centre based in the town, which was set up by a charity called Bakara Community Charity. The charity aims to provide long-term solutions for struggling communities, including providing high-level education for those most in need at the learning centre.

The journey of over 7000 miles takes over 3 months and includes two boat trips as well as a 1000-mile lorry ride. The donation was gifted to people attending the learning centre who are less fortunate, giving them the chance to be fully kitted out for any footballing activities they may be involved in.  The donation was organised by Bedfordshire FA council member, Alan Moorhouse, who has been involved in the donation of football kit to several African countries since 2012.

Alan states: “I am deeply grateful to all for the donations. It all helps the less advantaged in one part of Africa to have a proper kitted-out game of football. That is the aim and objective on my part”.

We would like to thank Alan for all of his work with this project and we hope that Bedfordshire FA can make future donations to help those most in need.