Positivity always wins

Support the Positivity Always Wins campaign to build positivity in football across Bedfordshire

At the Bedfordshire FA, we believe positivity leads to a better game, a safer, healthier, more inclusive and more enjoyable game.

So, in promoting a game with more respect, we’re asking all our clubs, leagues, players, coaches, volunteers, parents and carers to support the Positivity Always Wins campaign to build positivity in football across Bedfordshire.


It embraces differences, promotes inclusivity, and keeps our head in the game. 

90% of young players play better with positive encouragement. Nine out of 10. Let that sink in. Positivity from parents, carers, coaches, officials, older players, team mates. Together, we can all make our game stronger.


Download free resources to help build respect: There are a whole range of free resources you can use to promote Respect and positivity in all Bedfordshire FA clubs and leagues. Free resources include Codes of Conduct, Safeguarding Resources, Posters and Leaflets, Social Media Assets and a Positivity Handbook.

LINK: https://www.englandfootball.com/explore/inclusive-football/Respect

Share your own stories of Respect and positivity: Ask around your club or league for stories where respect and positivity have made a real difference in making football safer, more inclusive and fun for more people. Then share these stories on your social media channels.

Stories can include:
Players showing respect and positivity
Volunteers making the game more inclusive
Parents or carers being positive in their support
Coaches bringing respect and positivity to sessions and matches