The Art of Noticing

This coaches CPD will explore the concept of the Art of Noticing

“A lot of what we learn about players isn’t what they tell us. It’s what we observe.”

This event is FREE and will explore the concept of the Art of Noticing. A facet of an effective coach requires coaches to effectively observe and notice people’s actions, behaviours and emotions. Ultimately, the more coaches understand and connect with the person first by observing, noticing and communicating – the more they will be able to support them and help them thrive.

At the event we will discuss how as coaches we can develop noticing and observational skills. We will explore how this looks through the lens of the 4 corners and will show through practice design what attentional focuses we may want to examine with our players.  

The workshop will showcase a range of practice designs and will give the opportunity for coaches to discuss and reflect on how they can develop their noticing skills. 

Thursday, 16 September 2021, from 6:30 to 9 pm, at Bedford Town FC, The Eyrie, Meadow Lane, Bedford, MK44 3LW

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