Referee Promotions

Congratulations to all referees who recieved a promotion based on their performace in 18/19

Wednesday 5 June 2019, Bedfordshire FA HQ:

Bedfordshire FA is delighted to announce that a number of referees have been promoted as a result of their performance during the 2018/19 season.

Promotion to Level 6:

Matthew Basterfield

James Cantwell

Bradley Harding

Liam Lindgren

Jordan Rant

James Steer

Zac Trundell

Ben Warren


Promoted to Level 5:

Ishmal Bangura

Rocco Bufano

Scott Mitchell

Daniel Statham

Harry Wright


Promoted to Level 4:

Jake Bloom

Tom Burns

Chris Howes

Paul-Valentin Mihalache

Chris Parperi


Promoted to Level 3:

Tom Ratheram


Promoted to Panel Select Assistant Referee:

Mark Stevens

Jeff Aldous


Promoted to EFL Assistant Referee:

Mike Desborough