Jane's Story for 'Kids in Action'

Difficult but powerful message.
Find out what 'Kids in Action' means to your local community.

This week we announced our fundraising page for our partner Kids in Action. 

To provide you with an insight to just how special the charity is to the local community, we have been granted permission to release Jane’s story. Have a read to understand what a difference the charity make to local families.

"Hi, my name is Jane and I have the privilege of being Mum to a wonderful 13-year-old boy called Bradley who was born with Downs Syndrome.

It is difficult for parents with special needs Children to find places where they will be accepted.
People stare and comment when our children act out of the so called Ordinary or have melt downs.
We want the same things for our children as anyone else does. We want a place where we can
go where our children are not judged for the way they act or look, where they can have a little
independence without their parents constantly monitoring every move.

The parents can sit and have a cup of tea with other parents and talk about anything, share
information. Parents feel so isolated that having another parent say to them we understand, or we
have been though that situation and even offer advice is like a huge weight being lifted.

On 4th December 2012, we were given the devastating news that Bradley had Leukaemia,
and it was a huge battle of highs and lows. As usual my boy dealt it with a smile on his face most
of the time, however because he had spent nearly 2 years of this life in a hospital he had been left
with poor self-esteem.

This is when we heard about Kids in Action and our lives changed. They couldn’t have been more
welcoming, they took time to find out about Bradley, what are his likes and dislikes. They talked about his Cancer with me and they didn’t
seem phased at all. Gradually Bradley’s confidence came back, and we felt like we were
part of a bigger family.

Do you know what it is like when you walk into a room and people look you up and down, look at
your child and then turn away, it is heart-breaking but sad to say we are use to it. At Kids in Action,
we walk in and everyone knows your name, they are happy to see you and you are happy to see
them. Bradley runs in, greets everyone with a smile and most staff get a cuddle as well.

We have made some wonderful friends at Kids in Action and we even went on holiday last year with
a family using a couple of the Kids in Action Caravans. We also arrange to meet up with
families outside of Kids in Action, having that support of the other families around you gives you
the confidence to go to other places.

Bradley is now Confident, happy and a very cheeky young man and recently celebrated his 3
years in remission.

Paul and his wonderful staff gave us our life back when Cancer tried to rob Bradley of his, without
them I am not sure where we would be.

Kids in Action is a life line for so many families and we need to know that it is going to be there.
If you need any more convincing come and meet my boy.

This is our story, but there are so many more.

Please help support this worthwhile cause, you will be helping so many families.

Thank you."

You can help Beds FA Staff raise money for this great cause by donating directly to their FUNDRAISING PAGE.

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Kids in Action and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.
Thank you for your support!