Luke Hyde

Coach in the Spotlight



Coach Name: Luke Hyde 
Day Job: LTFC CT Coach
Current Club/Team: Stotfold Juniors
Previous Clubs: Bedford Town Eagles FC

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Luke Hyde

Coach in the Spotlight
Coach's Corner
I am a passionate coach and no matter what age group I am working with my passion and happiness in transferred into the sessions as I believe if the coach is enjoying the session so are his players.

Out of possession- I like hard working teams, I get my teams to press high in games try and win the ball as high up the pitch as possible because I always say, “nothing in life is given to you have to earn it” same with the football.
In possession- Width stretch the game create space in the middle for midfield to get on the ball and set the game tempo look to play forwards at every opportunity to get us on the front foot and get rewards for our possession.
During the game I will set each unit with certain targets: 
- Defensive unit- look to be compact and disciplined to make it hard for the opposition to break you down.  Look to be brave in possession and get the team on the front foot. 
- Midfield Unit- Creative both in and out of possession look to find pockets of space to get on the ball, be compact when out of possession to restrict opposing team playing towards there forwards. When in possession be brave to carry the ball forwards and take players on to get team on the front foot.

My sessions are always related to game scenario’s and how players can improve in game situations. I create a fun and enjoyable environment in sessions where boys can have the freedom to express themselves and not be afraid to make mistakes because that’s where you do your learning.
My future players looks athletic and powerful with the way the game is going and the high pressing teams are now demonstrating players will have to have high fitness levels and demonstrate they can get around a pitch. Players will have to show good technical ability because the game is a lot about keeping the ball even the goalkeeper is looked at as an option to retain the ball.


 Key messages from our Coach in the Spotlight:

  • Team - High Press
  • Defensive Unit - Compact
  • Midfield Unit - Creative