Butch Fazal

Coach in the Spotlight

COach in the spotlight

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Coach Name: Butch Fazal
Day Job: County Coach Developer
Current Club/Team: Soccer Chance Academy
Previous Clubs/Teams: Luton United FC

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Coach's Corner
My coaching styles and interventions are adaptable dependent on the age range and phase I work in, however this is also dependent on the experience and ability of the players.

Those 3 key moments are critical I see it sometimes as 4 moments.
1. In Possession look to counter attack as soon as possible if that is not possible look to play an expansive game based on possession and position in which my teams will retain and build progress and penetrate to finally create and finish.
2. Negative Transition if we lose it nearest player looks to press and dictates the trigger from there. This is also dependent on the score line and the competition we are in. If we cant press can we delay them playing into the back of us, meanwhile we get back into our shape and now look to dictate the play.
3. Out of possession again first option to press and win the ball  back aggressively but with purpose, if this is not possible consider the delaying of their movement forward and get our shape through some cover and balance and also staying compact and squeezing  as a unit. Finally we have to show control and restraint.

4. Positive Transition if we now steal the ball back how quickly can we intelligently get forward with as least touches and as much pace as possible to take advantage of the opposition out of balance

Support for me takes many forms firstly building key relationships with the players and treating them first as people is crucial. Then building trust and responsibility amongst those significant others that can  help such as school, parent and friends.
Also in this new age taking on the opportunity to utilise analysis as an objective tool for reflection and development and the use of clipping key videos to the players to give them an idea of what we might we working on.

A problem solver who makes decisions but also a holistic approach around the 4 corners in which the player is constantly challenged to improve and develop technical and tactically, physically, psychologically and socially.
This can only be achieved through a risk free environment in which the player will be asked to be a reflective and resilient player.

Coach in the Spotlight

Butch Fazal

Key messages from our Coach in the Spotlight:

  • Adaptability
  • Coaching - In Possession | Out of Possession | In Transition
  • Building Relationships

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