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ralph's view

I joined the club as a parent, before completing the Level 1 coaching course about six years ago. I have now been chairman of youth development at the club for 4 years.

This season, after a meeting with Bedford Town chairman David Howell, I was elected on to the management committee of the senior club, partly to lend some effort towards the clubs day to day running but also to bring the youth and adult teams closer together.

Since the summer we have had a number of events at home games, where youth players have trained on the pitch. Their involvement on match days allows interaction with senior players in the first team. Our oldest age group is currently U17, who are looking forward to the opportunity of training with the adults.

They are already fortunate enough to play their home fixtures at the Eyrie stadium on Sundays. In fact one or two of them will be signing for the first team later in the season to gain ‘matchday
experience that is so important in the development of youth players transitioning to adult football.

What I have found since joining the management committee is a well organised, forward looking club with a core of fantastic supporters willing to support the first team in achieving it’s goal of climbing the football ladder. 
There are numerous commercial opportunities at the club including; match day entertainment, sponsorship, advertising and hire of the clubs superb function room (catering facilities, WiFi and presentation equipment). 
Look out for further developments at Bedford’s most successful club including closer integration between the adult and youth teams and the eventual introduction of a scholarship programme where 16 to 18 year olds will be offered an education whilst being coached by, and playing for Bedford Town Eagles FC.

 #1 Featured Team: U17

Overheard Team-Talk for U17: How do we play?

Defenders: SAFE
Midfielders: SIMPLE
Strikers: SEXY

#2 Featured Coach Profile

Name: Gianni Carofano
Team: U10’s Whites
Time at Club: 2 Years

Coach's Corner

A couple of years ago, my son played for what was, at the time, the only U8 team. Last year the club decided to set up another team to have two at U9 level; the start of my coaching career at Bedford Town.
As a parent I was impressed with the coaching my son was receiving, the way the club was run, and generally the whole set up felt like a family. As a coach, my view of all the above has only been reinforced. The support you get from the Youth Chairman and from all the other coaches is, in my opinion second to none. The way the Youth Development is now integrating with the Senior Club means that Bedford Town FC is heading somewhere very special.

I will definitely be taking my boys all the way up to U18 level. Our development will hopefully see some of them breaking into the Senior team by that point. After that, I’m not sure that I would go back to coaching another team at U7 or U8, I’ll be too old by then!

However, I am currently Club Secretary for Youth Development, so I would like to carry on in that role in some capacity, helping new coaches to develop and trying to widen the availability of grass roots football for kids in Bedford.

That has to be when we held our U10 trials this year. Last year at U9, we had 23 children signed on between the two teams. We were expecting maybe 5 or 6 new players to come to our trials, along with our existing squads. On the day, we opened the gates and all these kids and their parents just came flooding into the ground. In the end we had 45 turn up for our U10 trials! Me, Ralph and Jose just looked at each other and you could see the same thought going through our heads….3 teams!

So I had a chat with one of the Dads whose son played for me and asked if he wanted to run the extra team. Luckily he said yes, so we now have 3 teams at U10. It really is something when you turn up on our training night and see 35 ten year olds running around who may one day play for Bedford Town FC….that’s priceless, you can’t buy that.

Player Profile
Bedford Town FC always attracted me because of the large fan base and reputation as a big local club in non-league football.
I want to play as high as I can in the football pyramid. But I want to show people that you can achieve that at one club. My future is at Bedford Town for many years to come I hope.
My most memorable game was against Marlow last season in the league. We beat them 3-0 at home. It was free entry that day and we had just under 1000 supporters! The atmosphere was great to play in and the whole team was lifted, putting in a top performance for the fans.

#3 Featured Player Profile

Name: James Peters
Team: First Team
Time at Club: 3 Seasons




The club are looking to develop in the following areas:

  • Youth to Adult transition
  • Sponsorship and Partners
  • Attracting local community to play/attend fixtures

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