Getting Involved

Bedfordshire FA are continually looking for volunteers to drive forward the development of our referees and have opportunities for referees of all experience levels.

If you feel that any of our workforce roles can fulfil your commitment to offer something towards improving fellow referees, contact Referee Development Officer, Alan Young to discuss.



Mike Desborough - Referee Liaison Officer
Phone: 07803 623374



Our coaching programme is focussed on ensuring promising match officials reach their potential. Performance feedback is led by the referees themselves as they strive to achieve a higher standard through self-analysis and questioning with their coach.

Coaches offer credibility and experience as current senior referees or those that are actively involved in a senior level of football through other roles.



Assessors offer the main source of feedback to referees within the promotion scheme and carry out a role vital to progressing referees through the Different Levels.

Those looking to assess should attain the following criteria:

  • Be a minimum of a level 6 Referee (or reached this level in the past)
  • Assess a minimum of 3 matches per season
  • Attend the Annual CPD session offered by Bedfordshire FA
  • Possess a sound knowledge and understanding of the laws of the game
  • Be capable of providing constructive practical advice on managing the game

Access Assessing Resources 



Mentoring primarily relates to trainee referees (Level 9) and is in place to offer support and guidance to the referee through their first 6 matches. Mentors are not looking to offer too many development points, but rather offer support throughout the early stages of a referee's career and praise for a job well done.



Tutors work on behalf of The FA to deliver courses, training events & educational seminars.

As those primarily responsible for training both existing and new referees the education process for tutors is thorough and rewarding. Tutor courses are hosted by The FA, ordinarily over three days, and upon qualification provide a distinct pathway for progression. From the Basic Referees' Course to tutoring internationally on behalf of The FA.

Tutor applicants are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Credible refereeing experience
  • Confidence to deliver to an audience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Available to deliver seminars for Bedfordshire FA when required
  • Tutor a minimum of 6 hours per year
  • Attend a CPD session offered by The FA and/or Bedfordshire FA
  • Agree and adhere to The FA tutor code of conduct

Anyone interested in tutoring should discuss the possibility of nomination to The FA with Referee Development Officer, Alan Young.

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