FA Skills Programme

Bedfordshire has a team of FA Skills coaches working within the County to support the growth and development of our 5-11 year olds interested in football.

The FA Skills programme is run by The FA, with support funding from National Lottery and Sport England, to help improve the physical, technical, social and psychological skills of the children involved within its programme.

To date, the FA Skills programme has offered over 6 million places to children across England, with the coaches supporting local schools & Charter Standard Clubs, alongside their own weekly FA Skills Centres, holiday sessions and festival support.

The FA Skills Coaches in Bedfordshire aim to develop children who:
-    Meet the demands of the situation across the four corners (Technical, Psychological, Social & Physical)
-    Are comfortable with the ball, at different tempos, using a variety of ideas, when defending and attacking
-    Have a positive impact on the group and society
-    Can make decisions that have a positive impact on the game and their lives
-    Can show respect, dignity and a positive attitude to learning and competition.

You can find further info around The FA Skills Coaches coaching philosophy HERE

The FA Skills Coaches support the following areas;


FA Skills coaches work alongside teachers to assist the planning and delivery of invasion games within KS1+2. Teachers are also able to gain certification for The FA Primary Teachers Award whilst working alongside The FA Skills Coaches.  All lessons are in line with current National Curriculum PE, and delivery, planning and resources from the FA Skills programme are accredited by the Association for PE (AfPE).

The FA is also working with local Universities to support trainee teachers through delivery of The FA Primary Teachers Award (PTA). For more info on the schools programme please visit www.TheFA.com/Skills or contact Stephen.Maker@TheFA.com


FA Skills Centres

Each FA Skills Centre is unique to the children taking part in it each week. These coaching sessions are aimed at meeting the needs of the children involved within the sessions, and can be mixed sessions or specific sessions for girls, players with identified potential or children with recognised disabilities.

Within these Centres we try develop a variety of different skills and techniques when attacking and defending to help children involved develop some key technical, physical, psychological and social skills.

Each FA Skills Centre has a Girls Only provision, and our current FA Skills Centre details are as follows:

Mondays – Wixams 3G (4.15-6.15pm) Natasha.Orchard-smith@TheFA.com
Wednesday – Sharnbrook Upper School (5-7pm) Mark.Humphrey@TheFA.com
Thursday – Bedfordshire FA AGP (4-6pm) Harjit.Singh@TheFA.com 

There is more information around The FA Skills Centre delivery in Bedfordshire HERE

To find out more information or book your child a place on one of our weekly courses, please visit www.TheFA.com/Skills


Charter Standard Clubs

FA Skills Coaches work closely with Bedfordshire FA to help support local Charter Standard Clubs and coaches. The support available can be tailored to meet the needs of the clubs and coaches involved, providing support within your training sessions and/or at your club venue.

Please contact Marc.DiCarlo@BedfordshireFA.com if interested in some support from FA Skills coaches in Bedfordshire.

FPF Harj Coaching

Find a Team Database

FA Skills Coaches work closely with Bedfordshire FA, local players and Charter Standard clubs to help all children interested in football to find the right club for them. If you have too many players applying to join your team or club, or are a parent looking to find your child a local team, please contact your local FA Skills Coach (contact details below) as we would like to help give every child interested in playing football the chance to play.

Alternatively you can use the 'FIND A CLUB' section on Bedfordshire FA website.


Contact Details

Team Leader
Stephen.Maker@TheFA.com / 07943 862302 (Leighton Buzzard)

FA Skills Coaches
Natasha.Orchard-Smith@TheFA.com / 07931 126813 (Mid Bedfordshire)
Mark.Humphrey@TheFA.com / 07931 126784 (North Bedfordshire)
Harjit.Singh@TheFA.com / 07943 862262 (Luton)

FA Skills