Criminal Record Checks

Everybody who is regularly coaching or assisting in grassroots football in Bedfordshire FA must have an FA Criminal Record Check (CRC) Every club must list all their managers and coaches for each team in order to affiliate.

CRC (also known as DBS) replaced the previous CRB check system in early 2013. CRCs assess an individual’s criminal records history and allow The FA to make an informed decision on whether that person is suitable for a position working with children and vulnerable adults.

Clubs can now register for CRCs online by contacting GBG Online Disclosures on 0845 210 8080

Click on the link to find out more about CRCs from The FA website: The FA Criminal Record Checks

How to apply

You may have more than one role in football but you only need one CRC to cover all your roles in football. Choose the role in which you have the most frequent contact with U18s, from the table below:

Your role in Football  Action to take 

Grassroots U18s coach, manager, first aider or any other Club based eligible role

Speak to your Club Welfare Officer

Club Welfare Officer, Youth League Welfare Officer

Speak to your County Welfare Officer

Referee, referee mentor, referee coach, referee assessor and referee tutor in U18 football

Contact your County FA Referee Development Officer

Licensed Coach applicant

Call 0845 210 8080 or email for advice

Working in a private soccer school or unaffiliated football

You may not be able to get a FA enhanced CRC - Speak to your line manager or call 0845 210 8080 or email for advice

Working in a Premier League Club

Contact the Children's Services Officer at your Club

Working in Football League Club

Contact the Child Protection Officer or contact 0845 210 8080 or email for advice

Unsure what you should be doing

Call 0845 210 8080 or email for advice


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