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Sarah DaCosta is the County Welfare Officer for Bedfordshire FA. Sarah is keen to help clubs on all welfare issues and is happy to attend club and/or league meetings to ensure the safeguarding message gets across.

As part of its National Game Strategy, The FA is keen to eliminate abuse and poor practice. Safeguarding children is about doing things the right way. It's about allowing children and young people to enjoy the game without fear of abuse of any kind. That means bullying, physical, emotional or sexual abuse and neglect.

Following The FA’s best practice guidance will help to ensure a safe and aware club/league. For more information, download the Resource Documents below.


Policy and Procedures

FA Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures
Appointing a Club Welfare Officer Information Leaflet
Child Protection Policy Procedure and Implementation Guidelines
Anti-Bullying Policy For Clubs
Club Risk Assessment Form


Advice and Information

Changing Rooms Best Practice
Photography Guidelines
Travel, Trips and Tournaments
Including and Safeguarding Deaf and Disabled Young People


Social Media Guidance

Social Networking, Websites, Moblie Phone and Email Communications
Running a Website Do's and Don'ts
Responsible use of Social Networking Sites
Communicating Responsibly With Young Leaders and Coaches
Using Text and Email with U18's
Guidance for Parents and Carers
Guidance for U18's

Football uses the internet to communicate to coaches, referees, medics, welfare officers, young leaders, players, parents/carers and fans.  This reliance on online communication is also central to children all over the UK, bringing about many benefits and opportunities.  However, this also opens up new risks and challenges.  That’s why The FA and Bedfordshire FA have teamed up with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre.  The CEOP Centre aims to educate children, young people, their parents, carers and fans to understand the risks they may face online and what they can do to empower themselves to stay safe. Thinkuknow is an excellent education programme developed by the CEOP Centre, which delivers online safety messages to young people, their parents and the public.

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